HomePod and iOS 12

So I am one of them guys that runs the beta. Just got a HomePod and when I set it up it knocks all my other home kit accessories off and it dose not want to conect to the internet. Anyone else having this problem? Want to make sure it’s not the HomePod it’s just me needing to have the new and shiny.

I’m not having your specific problem, but the HomePod does seem sensitive to network issues. I have one in my office at work that had been connected to our Guest WIFI. At least every 3 days, and sometimes twice a day I had to unplug the HomePod because it couldn’t connect to the Internet. I’ve since moved the HomePod to a local wifi network running off a cellular connection that I control and it now works flawlessly. I’m also running the dev beta on my phone.

If you haven’t already, you might just try resetting the HomePod and going through the full setup again.