HomePod + AppleTV use cases

I own a HomePod and I love it for the easy of playing music.

I own a 3rd gen AppleTV and will update once a new version of the AppleTV hits the market.

I don’t has my AppleTV much. I watch video podcasts on it through the Podcasts app and occasionally watch a movie I purchased through iTunes.

But the AppleTV can play all the music through iTunes Match and that got me thinking of the possibilities of connecting an AppleTV and a HomePod together. How do you guys use those two together?

I’m thinking it could be cool to have the HomePod play the music and then have the AppleTV display the cover art of the album playing on the HomePod. Is that possible?

It would make for such a nice backdrop for having people over and having music on.

What other use cases are there out there for HomePod + AppleTV?

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@andreasl Where did you buy it (for non-Danish forum members; the HomePod isn’t released in Denmark yet) - online or physical foreign store?

  • I’m looking for a deal on the HomePod
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I’m in Austria not Denmark, but Cyberport here had one “refurbished” - apparently there’s a slight scratch on the top but I can’t see it in any light. We also don’t have HomePods available yet, so I have no idea how it turned up there! But it’s a store you would usually buy computer parts from (vs a chain that likes to sell whole computers, though they do that too). Maybe there’s somewhere like that in Denmark?


Nice one :slight_smile:
I also like to go with refurbished products - helps expand my collection of gadgets (being a nerd is pricey😂)

Yeah, I think I’ll scoure the web for refurbished / deals as soon as I’ve done my Black Friday shopping, if I don’t happen to get one during😁


I bought it in Leicester, England when I was there for a visit over the summer. I tried for about 30 seconds at my friends house and decided that I absolutely had to have one. The ability to say “Play Mozart” and have it come out the speaker was amazing to me and still is. I have never listened to so much music since. It has changed my relationship with music. It’s on all the time at my house. The connection with the Wi-Fi is pretty flaky though, it rarely takes a while before it connects and I can see what is playing on my iPhone. Voice activation works fine though and is really fast. I suspect it has to do with my router…

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If you’re a Pandora user, once you connect your Apple TV and HomePod, you can “send” Pandora app output from your phone/ipad to both the TV and HomePod and have covers on your TV while you listen on the HomePod. Works for the Apple music app too, of course, whether from phone or asking Siri.


Nice - for now I use Siri through my 4th Gen. Apple TV with speakers connected to my TV but I’m gunning for the HomePod as well - I hate to waste energy and having the TV turn on every time I ask Siri to play some music gives me a bad conscience (I’m no Saint but I try to contribute in small scale to environmental preservation).

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I’m not. I only have iTunes Match

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