HomePod audio comparison

I have recently added my first HomePod and have been absolutely loving it! (Why did I wait so long?)

The Siri smart assistant is what it is - very good at what it does but probably not yet up to par with Amazon or Google. However voice recognition is excellent and highly accurate!

However the audio quality is excellent and the integration with Apple Music and optional integration with Pandora puts my entire music library only a voice command away!

Other music services also work well via AirPlay as long as the device your app is on is AirPlay compatible. Of course, all Apple phones and tablets are, however I’m not sure about other vendors devices.

I have already purchased a second HomePod which I will be adding to pair in stereo with the first one. However I am planning to further deploy units in our home. I absolutely LOVE the audio quality of these devices, however I am curious to get feedback from anyone who can compare their audio quality to the HomePod Mini.

The smaller size could make the Mini less obtrusive in a bedroom setting, but I don’t want to have to settle for “small” sound quality! I don’t need quite as much power in a bedroom speaker, but I still want the full, rich sound with deep bass and crisp, clear highs.

How do these compare in your opinion?

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It’s difficult to say. The Minis are not as good, but they’re still surprisingly good. When I hear them without any comparison, I’m always surprised by how well they sound. When I add the big one, I’m like « oh, yeah, that’s still way better ». Don’t know if that helps… if you don’t want to compromise, take another big one - the Minis cannot be as good. But if you’re ready to compromise a little, you might be pleasantly surprised by the Minis’ quality.

Marco had some interesting thoughts on the HomePod mini on ATP episode 407. TL/DR: he was not super impressed with the audio quality compared to the big HomePod.


The HomePod minis are not as good as the HomePods. That said, I use the minis to supplement the big boys. Good placements for the minis include the nightstand in the bedroom and a stereo pair in my office. I may add a mini in the kitchen. The HomePods are paired at home in my living room and study. This approach is a cost effective way for me to get the best quality where I want it—living room and home study—but good quality supplemental music in the master bedroom, the kitchen, and my office at work.


Have any of you connected a stereo pair of full sized HomePods as your primary TV/home entertainment audio system? If so, what is your impression?