Homepod, HomeKit, Update…

Why, Oh Why do all four homepod minis update at the same time and render HomeKit unusable for that time???

Because we all have iPads and AppleTVs that still will act as a hub… :wink:

Jokes aside: that is one reason why I start the updates when I like them to run.

I tend to stick to automatic updates, but I do run them manually anyway as soon as I realize that Apple has done its update release and as soon it is convenient for me. :slight_smile:

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Funny - I also have two Apple TV’s which I think are also functioning as home hubs - and an iPad which I take with me, but when I am at home, also functions as a home hub.

I will follow the advice and update manually possible.

But it is really strange - all the Eve products were working, all Hue and Homebridge was not, i.e. all via a bridge did not, direct was working.

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Do the Eve products use Thread? In that case I think the hub is less necessary (but I’m new to all this).

Yup - thread.

I checked, and the Apple TV is as a home hub in standby. So strange that everything stopped working except of the Eve Thread stuff. It seems that they communicated via the Apple TV, while the Hue Bridge was still trying to go through the Homepod Minis.