HomePod - how do you use with family members?

I’m on the point of buying a HomePod as a treat for myself.

Can I ask any HomePod owners with multiple iOS devices at home (with different family members) how you are managing this?

Do you use each device and Airplay to the HomePod or do you share one Apple Music account for convenience?

If using AirPlay, is it possible to override another device or do they need to disconnect first (which is driving me mad about our current bluetooth speaker)?


The HomePod is 1) a smart speaker and 2) an AirPlay II speaker.

AirPlay II. Any person, even a stranger off the street, with a device that has AirPlay can stream music, etc. to the HomePod.

Smart speaker, however, is tied to one device/user (a person’s iCloud account in a iPad or iPhone) via WiFi. So long as that person has Apple Music, anyone can ask Siri for information, it does not recognize your voice the way your iPhone does. You don’t need a family subscription. Anybody in the vicinity of the HomePod, not just family members, can talk to the HomePod and play music directly from Apple Music. The drawback is Siri has access only to one person’s playlists and iCloud information (reminders, calendar, notes). Six Colors this week published an article on this limitation.

Re. Overriding the player. If you start streaming from a device while HomePod is already playing, your streaming device will ask if you want to take over the HomePod. No need to disconnect.

That’s a good thing or not, depending on the neighbors :wink:

Good point! While our WiFi extends outside the house, the HomePod’s listening range does not. In fact, I have found its listening prowess somewhat lower than reported in the Mac press. For that reason, I’ve considered buying a second one for the bedroom. I’m waiting for the second generation, if there is one.

My only complaint is that Siri doesn’t love me. Although the pod is connected to my iCloud account and I’m responsible for its care and feeding, it runs only to my partner for affection. Maybe it’s my voice. I get hilarious results when I ask it to play the latest episode of Mac Geek Gab, sometimes I have to stream it from my phone. Not a problem for Bob, he gets it right every time. Automators is different story, Siri refuses to get it right for him too.

I’m logged in our HomePod, family members either ask for it to play something or AirPlay.