Homepod keeps saying cannot find iPhone

I am becoming so fed up with homepod (not mini) issue. When I asked Homepod “what is my update”, it keeps saying either “cannot find my iPhone” or “may sure my iPhone is on the same wifi”

I search the Internet and could not find any solution that works for me. I even used my iPhone to update the Homepod firmware to 15.4 (so obviously my iPhone is connecting to the homepod, I guess). How can I check which wifi is homepod connected? I followed this link but the screen on my iPhone is different

If it’s starts doing that I go in to Home and tell them to restart. Usually fixes any problems. Sometimes they just flake out and then work fine again 10 minutes later. I understand your frustration.


I have unplugged the power to the homepod and put it back after 1 minute, but that did not help

the issue is finally resolved. Cycling the power to homepod did nothing. I had to remove the homepod from Home app and re-added it again. Then it starts working again