HomePod lost its bass

So I did my updates upon release and after upgrading to v15 one of my HomePods (in a stereo pair) lost all of its oomph. No bass, only mids and highs. Sounds very distorted.

Tried unpairing the stereo pair, also do a factory reset, power cycle and reinstalling v15; nothing helped. It sounds like a handicapped speaker.

Has anyone else had the same problem and solved it?

I noticed a reduce bass setting on mine, which I think is new. Maybe it’s on?

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With the latest

firmware, there is now an option to reduce the bass, maybe check this setting.

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Thanks @JohnAtl @afhussain. Checked, checked and double checked. Definitely switched off. Sound quality is no different between on and off as well

Interesting you posted this, I moved my living room HomePod over weekend because it had too much bass for my wife when she’s downstairs! But it seems to have much less bass now as you mentioned. Much less than I’d expect simply from moving it to mantle from a table.

Googled the issue and it seems to occur more. I haven’t found a solution thus far and Apple doesn’t seem to repair HomePods so If you are out of guarantee period (mine is 13 months old :unamused:) you hit a dead end as there is no more stock to replace. Not great for a new product.

Will take it to Apple later this week to see what they say. My stereo pair is now useless unless someone finds a solution.


Apple will stock “replacement” HomePods for up to 5 years from last sold model. There will be a cost for a swap for Out of Warranty HomePods of course until Apple deems them Vintage. After that we will be out of luck!

Figured out my issue, two ways. I had the EQ turned on in Apple Music. When I moved the HomePod back to original location and turned off EQ the bass was back.