HomePod Mini connection issues

I experience from time to time when playing from the Music app on any device to my HomePod Mini that the sound suddenly stops from the HomePod Mini.

It is still playing in the app. I can see the time progress bar continuing, but there is no sound from the HomePod Mini.

My devices run on the 5Ghz network band and the router is placed in the same room as the HomePod Mini and any of the devices I’m playing from. Everything is updated with the latest OS updates.

Anybody else ever had issues with this or have a solution for it?

I wish I had a solution for you, but I’m definitely experiencing the same issue. It’s not just the Music app either, it also happens regularly with Overcast. I’ve chalked it up to buggy HomePods, but it happens frequently enough to be very annoying. I also have a couple of Sonos Roam devices that they’re even worse, so I suppose I should count my blessings.

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We’ve had that happen a few times. I know at least twice the HomePod Mini was connected to the guest network instead of the main network and my phone was connected to the main network or vice versa. When it happened other times, I think I just unplugged the HomePod mini and plugged it back in. I forgot about the two networks, but that did the trick a well. Not great, but it hasn’t happened often.

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There was a video publish by Linus Tech Tips earlier this week where they weee trying to diagnose a problem with his Sony wireless speakers having problems playing audio. Maybe some of the things they did to diagnose the cause of the audio problems might help you.

There was no final fix in the video (as it was z-wave switches causing the problem) but the steps they took to finding out the cause of the problem might help you identify what is causing problems with your setup.

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