HomePod mini says “there is a problem with Apple Music” on kids account

What am I missing when it comes to setting up my kids account on a HomePod mini? I just created an account for one of my boys and added it to my family sharing with the Apple One Premier package.

When I ask the HomePod to play music it says “I’m on it” and then “There was a problem with Apple Music”. The music is not explicit and all my services are shared. I don’t understand the problem.

Do I need the kids account also on a iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to make it work?

Connection issue? Wonky Apple servers? Wonky internet connection?

No, because it works just fine when I connect my account.

Yes, I would try that next.

Well that was it. I had to log out of my iPad Pro and log in as my son to set up Apple Music. That’s a little frustrating.

I had a feeling that was the issue. Strange! :thinking: