Homepod - multiple user experience

Does anyone here uses a Homepod with other people? How is the experience, did Siri understand / recognise the other voice correct?

I’am interested in buying one mostly for music playback from Apple Music, but the Homepod must work with three people.

Thx for your feedback.

Works fine for me and my girlfriend. And every great once in a while, someone on TV :slight_smile:

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My wife and I use pts daily to operate HomeKit accessories. August Locks, Wemo switches, Hue Lights. Along with Apple Music. It sounds better than all of the Sonos speakers we have. So we got a second one for our bedroom.

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I have to second that, they do sound great. We have two in the living room that are paired for stereo, and I just yesterday bought a third for my home office or bedroom, undecided at the moment.

BestBuy has them for $299, $50 off the Apple price.
Could be an indication that something new is in the pipeline. (?)

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we will find out next week :slight_smile: