Homepod won’t add to reminders anymore


I’ve been trying to love my HomePod, but it makes things difficult. I’ve had one almost since they’ve come out. I’ll use it for the music (not as often as I’d like) and adding reminders (all the time).

Until now. I’m on the latest IOS and within the last few days adding to reminders has stopped working. ‘Before I can help with personal requests, the IOS device associated with this HomePod needs to be on the same WiFi network.’.

Which it is, of course. I’ve rebooted the phone, reset the HomePod to factory and started from scratch. Siri music commands work great, it sees my library just fine. It shows up in the Home App on my phone and responds to that. It handles all my hue lights.

The two things that don’t work are that it doesn’t show up in the music app and it won’t do personal requests.

Anyone else having issues? Or helpful suggestions? ‘The Google’ has not been particularly helpful…


Googling around, some people have had success by turning off Personal Requests, then turning them back on again.

Sadly, no luck. The odd thing was that when I turned it off the HomePod knew it and told me to turn it back on. Then, when it’s back on I was back to ‘same WiFi network’.

I had a similar problem with personal requests. The problem was my HomePod was not signed into the same WiFi network as my iPhone. My Time Capsule two networks, one 2.4 GH and one 5ghz. Getting the two devices on the same network fixed the problem.

And now it works.

What did I do? I went to work and came home. Nothing got reset (again), no reboots, nothing.

Yesterday when I left and came back it still didn’t work. So,…

Resetting to factory and starting over didn’t work. Turning personal requests on and off didn’t work. Giving up apparently did.

It’s a good thing the music sounds so good on it.

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