Homerow - Navigate macOS like a pro

Hello everyone! I would like to share an app I created for programmers and writers who, like me, get frustrated with constantly switching between the keyboard and mouse when we’re in the zone. That’s why I created Homerow, a macOS productivity app that allows you to stay on the keyboard when you need to click on buttons or links. While keyboard shortcuts are great, not every action has a corresponding shortcut, which is where Homerow comes in.

See Homerow in action with Spotify here.

You can check out Homerow at this link: https://homerow.app. Please note it requires macOS 12.3+.

Love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. I made Vimac a few years ago. Homerow is a more polished and performant version of Vimac, taking into account all the things I learned from its predecessor.


I missed your post from two weeks ago about this App:

How does it differ from Shortcat?

(What’s your “Unique Selling Point”?)

The main difference is that Shortcat has a search results panel, and Homerow doesn’t. There are good reasons to show the search results - e.g. Shortcat has an emoji search and lets you search for menu bar items, but it blocks the screen for me, so I don’t plan on adding it

Other than that, there are minor differences in the workflow and the UI/UX, you’ll have to try it for yourself and see which you like better. I don’t think in terms of unique selling points, I just build what I’d like to see.

I’ve been using Homerow for about a year and love it. With Karabiner Elements, I mapped the tap of my left command key to activating it. Works really well. Massively reduces my need to touch the trackpad, which is an ergonomic godsend.