HomeRunHD DVR v Channels DVR

HomeRunHD DVR v Channels DVR.

I have recently started using the DVR features of my HomeRunHD Quattro. The shows are recording to a Synology DS. I have also tried out the Channels app DVR features, also saving to the Synology.

My question is those using either setup which do you like better? The Channels app DVR is $8/month and the HomeRun is $35/year.

The Channels app recording do not seem as “clean” as the HomeRun recordings. But, I like the ability to have the Channels app on Appletv.

plex works with HDhomerun flawlessly .

Maybe I’ll try setting up Plex again. I tried last fall during the TV season. Plex would almost never record a full episode of any show. I would always get anywhere from 1 to 20 minutes worth of recording for EVERY show. So, I deleted them all and gave up.

the new version works perfectly to me although i use dvb-t kind of tuner .

i use a dedicated linux machine with docker container .

last month we ditched cable for good and never looked back.