Hook links for email

I’m not sure where I heard it, but I thought @RosemaryOrchard mentioned it was possible in Hook to change the hook link for email to the “normal” link? I;ve tried finding it but have no idea where in Hook settings that would be done.

Anyone know how to do this?

Define normal?

Not sure what you’re getting, and what you want.

If I link an email from the mail app I get a Hook:// link, and I’d like to get a “normal” link like this: message://%andthenalotofchars

Ah. Since hook:// links are hook’s raison d’être, I’m not sure that’s (easily) possible.
You can use AppleScript to get a link though.


+1 to @JohnAtl 's answer.

there is also related thread and answer on hook’s forum (in which our friend also replied there :grinning:)

also in-site docs: