Hook (MacOS application)

Some of you might also have got this:

Anyone used it? I can certainly see it’s usefulness, especially as someone who writes and researches.


Lots and lots of threads on the forum about Hook if you want to search :blush:

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Works well for me!
SCO has some tutorials and tips for it.

Hook is very useful, especially for Mac-focused workflows. I’ve been using it since its beta days and it continues to get even more useful with each release.

On a side note, Luc Beaudoin, the developer of Hook, was a guest on MPU back in November 2020.

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It’s one of my most used apps. I use it to link iCloud files on my computer to Obsidian and couldn’t live without it!

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Thanks for this one!
Was about to buy full price when I saw this :slight_smile: