Hootsuite Alternatives

I have a love/hate relationship with Hootsuite. Do you wise people have any recommended alternatives? I don’t use it for responding, only posting and scheduling, if that makes a difference. Thanks!

I’ve been using Buffer (https://buffer.com) for years. I highly recommend checking it out.


If you are only posting and scheduling, I would also recommend Buffer. It lacks in the reporting and monitoring tools that Hootsuite offers, but makes up for it with a much cleaner interface, great content ideas, and more frequent updates and improvements.

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Oh wow. I’ve used Buffer for Twitter, but somehow never thought of it. I will definitely kick the tires. Thanks!

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I’m concerned that Buffer, Hootsuite and those guys will soon be blocked from posting to Facebook profiles. Pages will continue to be supported, but not Profiles.

Yes. They’re making it more difficult. By “profiles” do you mean individual (personal) FB accounts?

Yes. Third party tools like Hootsuite and Buffer will be blocked from updating those in a couple of weeks.

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Wow. Thanks for the heads up!

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As others have mentioned, Buffer. I use both Buffer and Hootsuite.

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In the case of Buffer, the deadline is July 26.

I’ve found a workaround using IFTTT in order to automatically post on my personal timeline a picture posted on my company’s Facebook page when a specific hashtag is present:

For the time being, it works and I’ll monitor closely if it continues like that after July 26.

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Anyone still using Buffer? Or looking for HootSuite Alternatives?

I am in the same boat currently.

I was using buffer until a week or two ago, when I just decided I wanted a change. It worked well then.

That statement could be the motto of this forum!

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