Hotkey action in Stream Deck

I am setting up my new Stream Deck XL and want to add a Hotkey action that would open today’s note in NotePlan.

Using Keysmith I have set ⌘⌥T to open today’s note.

CleanShot 2021-07-26 at 13.06.26@2x

In the Steam Deck Mac app, I dragged the Hotkey action to a tile and set the above key combo.

CleanShot 2021-07-26 at 13.08.14@2x

But pressing that button on the device does not do anything.

Any idea?

I assume it works if you use the keystroke without the Stream Deck.

I assume Keysmith is running.

Given that, have you given accessibility access to the Stream Deck app?

and restarted the app after giving it?

Thanks for the reply.

The answer is yes to all your 4 questions.

I have added another hotkey action in Stream Deck that has been set to press F4 (the shortcut I set in NotePlan’s preferences for system-wide search) and that works fine.

Well… there go all the easy answers.

I was going suggest downloading ShortcutDetective from Irradiated Software - Labs to make sure nothing else is using that keyboard shortcut, but that doesn’t make any sense if it works without the Stream Deck.

Try assigning another keyboard shortcut and see if that works any better?

I’m not familiar enough with NotePlan to know if today’s note is a standalone note that can open without opening the main app, but if the intent is to press the button to switch to NotePlan, and then open Today’s note, you could use assign a multistep action to a button on the Stream Deck (first action switches to NotePlan; second action opens Today’s note).


Ty Evan.

Multi Action did the trick.