HoudahSpot saves the day

Thanks to Houdaspot I was recently able to do a favor for a former student. I used to be a geography professor, but I haven’t done any teaching since 2012. Recently, I got an email from a former student looking for the syllabus from a spatial statistics course he took from me so he could substitute that credit for a degree he’s currently taking.

I still have all my old files from my teaching days, but they’re just dumped in an archive folder without much actual organization. I was able to use HoudahSpot to search for his name, which pulled up the grades spreadsheet and let me know which semester I’d had him in my class. Then I searched for that version of the syllabus. Took a couple of minutes on my part to potentially save him a semester of work, which I feel pretty good about (I checked the grade spreadsheets, he got solid As in two courses he took from me).


I’m curious if Spotlight could have found it as well? I haven’t used HoudahSpot and am not sure what additional functionality it has.

HoudahSpot relies on Spotlight – it’s requirements state: " requires macOS 10.14 Mojave or newer with Spotlight indexing enabled." The app provides a more robust and easier to use set of search parameters and saved searches. It’s really pretty good.

E.g., try setting up this cockpit with macOS Spotlight or Finder:


That’s awesome. I’m sure he appreciates it!