Hoverbar Duo opinions

I saw a video this morning with @RosemaryOrchard talking about the Hoverbar Duo. (I was looking for reviews on cooking apps.) I’m intrigued because I don’t have a good place to place my iPad in the kitchen when cooking.

I’ve done some searching in this forum and I don’t really see any competitors to the Hoverbar. It seems people were more interested in stands. I’ve seen some people say it’s ok. Curious if anyone has a diff option or has an updated opinion of it.

But as I was thinking of using it for cooking, I thought maybe I would use it on my desk during the day. But if it’s a hassle to switch between the clamp and the base, that may be a non-starter. Maybe I just keep it on the clamp for every use.

I have one, I don’t use it because I don’t like it.

When I used it more often I used it with the base. A hex key is needed to switch from the clamp to the base.

The arm is difficult to position to where you want it, it takes some pressure to move it, so you need two hands. You also have to be careful or it will fall over. The base isn’t quite heavy enough (11.9" iPad Pro), so while you can adjust the height, if you go too far off-center it will fall over. It is very limited in how much you can move it on the base.

I don’t like to interact with the iPad when it is in the Hoverbar, because it shakes. It’s fine for quick interactions, but if you want to type something it is very annoying.

The clamp that holds the iPad is springloaded. Again it takes two hands and it is very awkward to use because with one hand you have to pry it open, while with the other hand trying to hold the iPad. Getting the iPad in and out is my biggest complaint. I just don’t like messing with it. It’s not difficult, just a PITA and it makes me worry I will drop my iPad.

Plus it just feels cheap. Far too much plastic for the price.

The last time this came up I was in the minority though, so I am sure someone else will post some positive opinions.

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Thank you for your feedback. This is helpful. I am also using an 11.9" iPad Pro.

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There are many out there. I’m guessing you might be missing the keyword arm. Search Google or Amazon for “ipad arm” or “tablet arm” rather than “ipad stand”.

Point well taken. Thanks.

I use it to hold an old iPad Pro 12.9, which I use in side-car mode.

I don’t interact with it much, but it’s a really handy way of adding an extra screen which I use mostly for zoom or ms teams calls (with the webcam mounted just behind it).


It is excellent for that. I had a job interview over Teams and used it. For that, it was perfect because I could set it up at the perfect height so it was straight on.

I would like one that had some sort of tension control, where I could loosen it so it was easy to move around and then tighten it so it was rock solid. Also a different clamp method like you see on camera tripod mounts.

The Hoverbar Duo is … fine. It seems like it will tip over too easily if you position it “wrong” and that feels like a design flaw. However, I had the 12.9-inch iPad so that was a challenge to balance, I am sure.

I have one of these AboveTEK Desktop Tablet Stand which looks like this:

It’s not nearly as high, and it’s not as “flexible” as the Hoverbar Duo, but it is very solid, and is great for lifting the iPad off the desk.

I can’t say if it would work for you while cooking, but I think it would. It’s also from Amazon, which means you can buy it now and return it until January 31st if you find you don’t like it.

Just leaving this here A Tour of Some Weird iPad Stands – 512 Pixels


I was lying in my bed holding my iPad above my chest when I saw this article. Hmmm.

if anyone is using the iPad Toilet Paper Roll Holder stand linked by @ismh, please do not mention it lol


Really interesting. I picked up a cheaper “clone” of the Hoverbar Duo and I’m really happy with it. My iPad 12.9 lives in it when in desktop mode. The weight works well, it’s relatively easy to position, and it feels solidly made. It doesn’t also function as a clamp, though.

I’ve recommended a few people check out the Hoverbar Duo on the basis of my experience, figuring that the more expensive option would be better made than the one that I have, but based on what you’ve written, I may have to revise that thinking…

I think I went into it with the wrong expectations. I wanted something similar to a monitor arm that had a long reach and I could reposition with ease. It isn’t that, but if you want something to hold it in one position (espeically if you want it to be high up off of the desk) and you are not going to move it a lot or take the iPad out of it often, it would be perfect. Like if I wanted to have my iPad high up next to my iMac, this is a great product.

I think the product I want would probably be $200, so no one makes it.

It has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, so it must be me, but I really dislike the thing. :slight_smile: