How are you managing email between your Windows and Mac machines? Outlook flagging issues

As the title states, how are you managing your emails between your Windows and Mac computers? I tend to use my Windows desktop and enjoy using Outlook for Windows. The problem is when I go into Gmail or Spark mail on my Mac, the emails snoozed are in a separate folder on Gmail. Would love things to be consistent.

Sounds like the problem is Gmail, so my unhelpful answer would be not to use Gmail. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have mostly given up on apps, and just use Fastmail’s web app most of the time. It saves the hassle of trying to deal with email apps on different OSs. You could try something like Thunderbird that works on both systems, but is a bit rough around the edges.

Outlook was designed to work with Microsoft servers using MAPI. And employees that wanted to use it with our non-MS email system were a constant pain in my backside.

I run Gmail in Chrome and everything else in Safari or Edge. So all the features, snooze, etc., work the same on all platforms, including iPhone/iPad if you use the Gmail app. And, in my case, 5 rules sorts/files/labels all my messages so that only those that need immediate attention land in my Inbox.

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With Outlook you’re effectively putting a layer over the top of Gmail, but a lot of the Outlook features store their data in on your Windows computer, rather than within your Gmail “server”

If you went all in on Gmail, everything you did would be available everywhere.

You’re effectively mixing two different technologies and expecting them to interoperate perfectly, this rarely happens.

You’re on a hiding to nothing unfortunately.

the only thing that suggests itself is that you try Outlook for Mac, but even then I don’t think your flags on your Windows Machine will travel to Mac, but I could be wrong.


I use the Fastmail web interface on both, so no issues here…

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