How are you using MailHub?

I previously used Mail Act-On for filing and sending messages later. Lately, I switched to a combination of MsgFiler and Mailbutler for that. I also realized I have a license to MailHub I got a few years ago, so I’m dusting that off and trying it out.

I file some messages, but I’m not a heavy filer. Instead, I forward them into my firm’s case management system. Aside from filing, what uses/workflows are you using for MailHub? I’ve read the features, but thought some real world examples might help me (and others maybe) get my brain around it. For example, I’m trying to think of a good use of the reminder feature, or see if it would be a better option than Sanebox or Mailbutler for that.

I mostly use Mailhub for the automatic filing.

While on / in the message, I just click on the “Clock” and set a date and time for the reminder.

I am not sure that clicking on the notification takes one to the message in question, but at least I get I reminder to do something rather than the message getting lost in my Inbox “below the fold”.

Thanks. The link in the reminder takes me to the message on my Mac. The link works on iOS, too, but less elegantly - if I click into the Reminder, it jumps me to the end of the reminder, which is below the content of the email. And there seems to be a space after the first part of the link on iOS, so I have to delete the space for the link to work. But once cleaned up, it does open Mail on iOS, and take me to the message.

Oh, OK.

I shall look into that the next time I set a reminder. Thanks.