How big is your \Applications folder?

How big is your \Applications folder (or, maybe for some, ~\Users\Me\Applications)?

I am a inveterate collector of software, so my folder is 79 GB – which of course does not include Application Support, Documents, etc.

Mine is 17.4GB. I deliberately don’t install too many applications. Only things that I really need and/or use.

I’m clocking in at 31.5 GB – I tend to check out and hoard apps, I’m surprised it wasn’t more. I should join Setapp anonymous.

28.5 GB on my MacBook Pro. I won’t see my desktop for a few more weeks, but it’s probably a bit higher, not even remotely close to 79 GB.

70.8 GB, though half of that is 3 games (Total War: Shogun 2, Civilization V, and Civilization VI).

I try to keep it lean. Today it weighs in at 26.2 GB with about 130 apps. That’s roughly 10% disk space.

37 GB here. Trying to slim it down by removing stuff I never use.

I’m at 61.81GB 331 items in the /Applications folder. I’m definitely a hoarder. I backup the DMG files after I update an application to another folder (offloads) and then burn that folder to a DVD when I get enough to fill a DVD. :grin:

16 GB - on my current production iMac (Professional photographer, amateur musician)
21.2 on my ancient unibody MacBook
19.74 on my original iMac - now used mostly for browsing in my amateur radio shack

33gb and could probably use some pruning.