How buggy is it?

I was gonna wait, I swear. But I’m all itchy. So thinking about installing the iOS beta on my phone, watch and iPad… but wanted to see if anyone else had taken the plunge, and how buggy they might be.

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Installing a Beta is always an easy decision.
If you have devices, that you don’t need for anything productive (private or business), go for it, and enjoy the beta.
If you need your device for any important reason, never install a beta…


What’s in iOS 16 that you want to try right now?

(I could not find anything exciting when I ran it on one of my development iPhones)

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My colleague has the latest dev beta installed, and their phone just ran out of battery at 2 pm. So, if you need to use your phone all day without charging it, stay away for now!

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In the past there was no public Beta for watch due to the risk of bricking a device, only those with Developer accounts could run watch betas. I don’t know if that’s changed this year.

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I think I heard Jason Snell mention recently (on a podcast) that he does not install beta software on his Apple Watch. Apparently if something goes wrong you might have to wait until the final version is released in the fall before you can use your watch again.

Might be worth checking out before you proceed.

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I’ve installed the iPadOS beta, and it’s very very buggy, sometimes to the point of being unusable
I definitely would not recommend using it on a daily driver!


Thanks, all! Will recoil from it as from a hot flame!

I only have one phone & iPad and have not had any problem with the betas. I usually wait for the 2nd or 3rd release though.

I’m curious to see what changed in Shortcuts and I want to know what “desktop class apps” on iPad means.

The laptop I wait till Citrix receiver has a version that will work on it, which is usually not until September.

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I once installed a beta…and the ability for my iPhone to provide tethering internet was just gone. It was during a week when I needed it most, as the hotel that I was staying at had unsecured wifi and I would have only trusted to tether to my own device. Only when I returned home and rolled the iPhone back to stable release did the tethering feature come back.

I say hold off. You’ll live, I swear!

It bricked my iPhone 8, so you might want to avoid it for now.

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what issues are you having? I have barely seen any

Me neither.

With the notable exception of Stage Manager - but that was not unexpected, due to the complexities of providing all-new window and display management. And it’s optional to use for the time being.

iCloud synch upload apparently is not working properly.

How do people like stage manager? I’m probably in the minority preferring the current state of iPad multitasking. Split screen makes me feel more focused than the Mac’s windows-on-top-of-windows approach. So, I’ve been able to resist the betas for now, but once “desktop caliber apps” becomes something…

I’m in your camp, but would love to extend focused apps onto a monitor also.

E.g Safari on the monitor, OmniFocus on the iPad.

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I’m not sold on window resizing (which doesn’t work so freely anyway) and the app switching. Grouping apps make sense, though I don’t find it that intuitive either.

Full-screen external display support with scaling is a blessing though.

I they had added only the external display support with scaling and let me have a separate set of two apps side-by-side on that (with either Slide Over / Split View), it would have more than sufficed for me.

EDIT: especially when you consider the file system access restrictions and limitations that are still in place - and how much of a PITA it still is to access and edit any file that’s outside of the app’s own local (or iCloud) application file folder.

  • Function bar from keyboard detached and always in the middle of the screen where the area you’re typing is, so can’t read what I’m typig in mail, messages or notes

  • Mail and Messages always crash when switching to or from them in Stage manager

  • Random springboard crashes every minute or so in Stage manager on 2ndary display

  • Safari won’t let me zoom in Stage manager, need to force quit the app and restart

  • 3rd party apps crashing, which is normal in a beta, so hardly worth the mention

All of these I anticipated, so not a problem for me as I do not use this particular iPad as my daily driver.
I’m consistently sending bug reports so they get fixed, that’s why I’m running the beta.

that explains it - I don’t have an M1 iPad - so it’s running great without SM

Sorely tempted to get the Watch Beta, as I want to try out the new sports/fitness features, but that means upgrading the phone to the beta as well, and not sure I’m that brave as my only iPhone.

However, as I’m currently using a Garmin as my daily driver, I’m not going to lose out to much on the Watch if that’s buggy, and I understand that I can roll the phone back if I needed to