How can I copy my OneDrive account folders to my Mac on a schedule?

So I use Microsoft OneDrive at work and have it synced with my Mac as well. When people leave organizations they lose access. I don’t plan on leaving soon but would also like to ensure that I have copies of stuff I’ve created. I copied and pasted my OneDrive folder to a spot on my Mac for a local backup. That said would I just create a reoccurring OmniFocus task? Could I schedule this with Carbon Copy Cloner? Am I overthinking it?

Wouldn’t Hazel be able to do this for you? Should be a relatively easy rule, I’d think.

Standard caveat of copying stuff that is for work, making sure that is allowed per company policy, etc, etc.

Absolutely. So I set up a rule but it doesn’t seem like it’s working… I moved this question over to Tech Support.

I added a test file to the OneDrive and it doesn’t seem to copy over into my structure

I think I was able to get it @HobbyCollector by setting up a sync using Hazel.

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Chronosync is made for tasks like this.


Resilio sync can also do this very well.

Does Carbon Copy Cloner have similar sync capabilities?

That is what I use.
Works like a treat.

Can you install the OneDrive client for Mac, and use the same credentials you do at work? OneDrive can sync to multiple devices. Once you have OneDrive data on your Mac, you can use e.g. Hazel to copy files to another directory.

You might even be able to automatically copy all OneDrive files and folders to Google Drive via Zapier:

Zapier gets mentioned a couple of times on MPU:

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Yes I ended up creating a Hazel rule to duplicate all the files on OneDrive to my Mac locally so it gets backed up.

Just so you know - you can restore files 30 days from deletion with OneDrive.

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