How can I delete a sheet in Ulysses?

How can I delete a sheet in Ulysses app? I have gone through the knowledgebase and searched online as well and I can’t seem to find a solution. Is it possible to delete sheets in Ulysses?

BTW, I have just started using Ulysses and so far I like it. But some not having some basic things like strikethrough on text is frustrating.

Oh, also this forum seems great, I am surprised I haven’t come across it before.

Thank you.


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Swipe left about half way on the sheet and you see options including … which has move to trash under it.

On Mac, right-click (Ctrl+Click) on a sheet and select move to Trash.

On iPhone and iPad as @HellsKitchenDweller said, swipe right to left on sheet, tap on the … icon, and select the Move to Trash option.

Thank you. I worked it out soon after. The reason I wasn’t able to delete was because it was the main how to guide to Ulysses, it only gave me the option to hide it. Thanks again.


On the Mac you can hide the entire Guide, or resurrect it, but you cannot delete its sheets.

More generally:

Cmd+Delete Move sheet to Trash
Option+Cmd+Delete Erase sheet (bypassing trash)

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command + 2 will put you in sheet view, middle column, or click on it if you want to go slow, then cmmnd + delete on the selected sheet.

So sorry, as bowline says those sheets are fixed but you can hide them .