How can I find out which App/process tries to connect certain websites?

The firewall on my router Suricata is complaining about (geo) IP lookups from my MBP to and

Any idea how to find out which App/process is doing this? (the router only shows the source IP address)

Note: I have a license to Little Snitch, which would probably show me, but this is a corporate MBP and I don’t dare to install LS on it because of all the “resident” crap that IT already installed (I’m afraid my Mac won’t even boot anymore if I do).

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In ‘Silent Mode’ Little Snitch is preconfigured to let all traffic through and let you view what’s come in via its Network Monitor, and you can decide later what to block, if anything.

A free alternative to view network connections is Netiquette, but if you already have LS it’s more powerful and has a better UI


Netiquette does not require an install, so it’s perfect for this corporate MBP.

I’m going to run this for a while, hoping to catch the culprit. Thanks!

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Looks like I misunderstood how Netiquette works:

It only shows the current situation, but does not log history?

Thus, I would have to watch Netiquette exactly at the moment those calls are being made… (unlikely!)