How can I open a "Unix executable" file

For some altogether fun reason, several of my older MS Word files have decided that they are now “Unix executable” files. My latest version of Word won’t open them. Nor will an other program I have, and I am NOT Terminal verse.

Any suggestions on an app/program that could open these files (they are all text files)??

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Right-click, Open with, Text Edit, bbEdit, TextMate, etc.
That will let you see the text of the file.
Double-clicking will try to execute them, which is probably not a good idea until you know what they are.

Ah…thanks…really appreciate that.

And I just found that Word has a “repair” option that will open them also. I created the file, so not worried about what is inside…just need to get the text.


Is it possible that those files just have lost their extension?

Try adding .doc to the file name. Maybe, it works after that to open them with Word.

Ahhh…that makes sense…and will give that a try…

FYI - both and can open/display most Microsoft Word documents, as long as the formatting isn’t too complex.