How can I record a Video with Sound, from a Video

I have some Videos I get from e.g recorded Zoom-Sessions I attended, Educational Videos and so on.
Those Videos could not be stored (or at least I don’t know how) but often contain at least bits of information worth of storing for later reference.
While I could record the video with the macOS Screenshot Function, I can not get the sound captured with this.
Is there a way to do a recording for my personal storage in this case, that captures both the video and the sound?

It sounds like you might need to convert the videos. iFlicks on Setapp or good old Handbrake might be able to do it.

Otherwise you’ll need something like Loopback. Whenever I record my screen like that I use ScreenFlow - but that’s quite pricy and not the most user friendly piece of software


You may be able to use Youtube dl to download the recording file and then save clips from the larger recording. If you save the files in an mp4 format, you can even just used the built-in trim feature within Finder.

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Unfortunately those videos are normally kind of a stream, so I don’t really download it, but it is only in the RAM.
So unfortunately neither iFlicks nor my beloved Handbrake would be able to help me with that.
Also Loopback seems to be not the right for my needs, and ScreenFlow actually is a bit pricy for my needs.
Anyway, thank you very much for the advices!!

I found this video on YT a few minutes ago, and followed it, and it is really working as I want, so case closed for me :smiley:
And maybe it is helpful also for others with the same needs.

someone recommended this on another thread and I will say it seems to do a lot of good stuff…

Looks interesting, but it is also very pricy.
It seems to need a couple of server to work, and I, in generally, prefer apps who don’t “call home” frequently.
And unfortunately, it is not immediately clear, who operates this app and website. And I like to know who is on the other end of the line, without doing a deep search, specially in cases an app is calling home frequently…

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I see your point. I do not see Company info on the site…

and here is the privacy page

I might be completely wrong, but if I enter the address from the privacy policy into Google, I end up with this:

and that:

Of course, not every App Designer has to reside in Silicon Valley, or some fancy Suite in Manhattan, but… :thinking: