How can I stop the iPhone Music app from auto-playing with USB?

When I plug into my car’s USB to keep it charged, the FM radio turns off and the Music app starts playing the downloaded song whose title is lowest in the alphabet. Then it continues with the next downloaded song in the alpha listing.

I’d like it to do nothing when I connect the USB cable.

I imagine the car (Hyundai Elantra) is sensing the iPhone and switching from the radio to the “media” input, but can I at least stop the phone from playing? Apparently the Music app is obeying a signal from the car to “play,” and not being told what to play, is just starting through the alpha listing of downloaded songs.

I’m not in my car to test this for you, but a Google search for “automatic start of apple music in car” gives some clues.

If using Spotify (which I know you are not, but I’m mentioning anyway), there is a setting in the app to turn on or off “car play”. I don’t see same in the Music app.

Most of the links on the Google search were about the Music app’s “autoplay” feature, which enables it to play similar songs from the Apple Music service when an album or playlist finishes. However, this link had good info about my problem: How to stop your iPhone from autoplaying music in the car | iMore

I’m trying some of those suggestions. Also, it occurred to me that I could get a cheap Little device that converts the cigarette lighter to a USB socket and plugged into that when I only wanted to charge. The lighter socket is next to the built-in USB that’s connected to the sound system.

Thanks for your help!

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