How can I use my Mac more often?

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with my iPhone (mainy using it for junk consumption aka social media and dumb scrolling). I tried deinstalling them all, but I need Instagram in order to create daily stories for my followers.

However I wantt o use my Macbook Pro 2015 15" more often, since it heps me to do more productive work or spend a more meaningful time with the internert, just like writing this forum post eg. Often I am so exhausted that I dont have energy to pick up my around 2kg mac and open it. How can I avoid this? Should I even take a 14" laptop soon in order to work more/longer wirh it?


Are you saying the Mac is too heavy?

I’m not sure that moving from a 15" MBP to a different Mac is going to help in the weight department all that much. The 13" MBA is about 75% of the weight of a Retina MBP, and the 14" M1 MBP is only half a pound lighter.

Or is there another obstacle you’re trying to overcome?

When you say exhausted, what are you referring to? Just being tired, feeling depressed, a particular physical condition? They all have different remedies in your end.

Is there someone who could temporarily act as Instagram producer/publisher for you so you don’t have to keep your phone on you during your work sessions and can just make content for that person? (I don’t use IG so am ignorant of workflows.)

I’m sure there’s more to this that I’m missing, but would a better question be to ask how you can put away your phone when the day is done, pick up a book or watch a movie or something, make a nice meal, and actually unwind?

Because I’m not sure your exhaustion, partially brought on my internet-connected devices, is solved by spending more time on internet-connected devices.

I know spending more time with technology never rejuvenates me.


I wrestled with some of this. Personally, I found that removing certain apps from my phone and changing to an Air (not the reason for changing, but a trigger here) has made me enjoy using my Mac anywhere I am e.g., sofa, kitchen, bed, etc. I can even use it standing around at a pinch.

The smaller size, the instant on, the lack of a fan, the whole deal has made this my primary machine.
It’s even stopped my frequent pondering about whether I’d prefer an iPad (I have one, but use it as a Home monitor and marking tracker for school).

The 15" is not too heavy, it’s too big a footprint for this use case I find. The M1 MBA is amazing.

A 13 inch MB Air doesn’t feel much heavier than my iPad Air although I am certain if I had to lug it around airports, I’d certainly feel the difference. The MP Air is a perfect size, for me.

iPhones are cool. Just try and enjoy it!

You can read a book, watch a movie on your iDevice!

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For me, it’s the big screen of my iMac that I love and makes it a pleasure to use compared with phone, laptop etc. Do you have a monitor you could hook it up to in a place you could keep for Mac stuff?

I agree with @DaveyGravy about having a large monitor. Also, having a Mac that is always on may me helpful.