How can we ssh to external drive on remote mac?


How do we ssh to external drive on remote computer?

12.4 Mac to 12.4 Mac

I can get in like this…

ssh [username]@[ip-address]

but do not see the external attached drives?

I tried this

and this

check this under full disk access…


but still do not see a list of external drives

Any help would be appreciated - Dave

Should be cd /Volumes/ < drive name > - works for me.

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First, you don’t “ssh to an external drive”. You are using “ssh” to login to the remote computer with an ID, then to see the attached drives you need to go to the “mount” point. It appears you have logged in, and assuming the ID you used has permissions to see the remote drives, see all the mounted devices under /Volumes.

After logging in, you’ll be in a terminal window. do the following (ignoring the hash and comments after)

cd /Volumes # the mount point
ls -l # will show the drives mounted
cd XX # where XX is the device 

Yes it works - thanks.

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Yes thanks it works! and thanks for the correction on my statement.

My error was I was expecting to see the /Volumes in the list without typing first cd /Volumes. Now it’s working well.

Thank you aardy and rms

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