How come iPhone Podcast storage metric does not match?

Hello. I noticed what appears to me to be an anomaly which is throwing me for a loop.

What is that 40GB made up of?
The episode total is only ~725MB. See image.

I thought those numbers would be approximately the same. The discrepancy here seems rather extreme. I did delete some podcasts in the last few hours. Maybe it takes a while for that total to adjust?

Would love some guidance and how to troubleshoot. Thank you

Something went out of whack there.

It could get back to normal eventually. Maybe it will mitigate itself after the deletion you have mentioned. If not: deleting Apple Podcasts and installing it again might be the best option. It does happen sometimes.

Good to hear from you, Christian. Thank you
for your guidance. It was scary to offload the app as it was my first time doing that. Once done, the Documents and Data number went down to 1.37GB. Wow. And I think I am noticing my phone is a little swifter.

How come it still does not match (or get closer to) the 726.7 MB total of all episodes. What else takes up space to get to 1.37 GB?

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I have no idea… As long as Apple does not really provide us with an option to really look inside Documents and Data, we will not really know what is stored there.

According to Apple:

Documents & Data: Safari Offline Reading List, files stored within installed apps, and app content like contacts, calendars, messages, and emails (and their attachments).

With regards to purging temporary stuff:

Your device automatically deletes cached files and temporary files when it needs more space. You don’t need to delete them yourself.

Which sounds convenient, but sometimes I also would like to have the option to clear caches, temporary files and what not when I want to and not when Apple’s OS thinks that it is about time.

The upside is that like with Apple Podcasts, Apple is doing a good job to preserve important stuff in iCloud (lIke subscriptions) so that it should not be an issue to delete an app on the device to purge all this unnecessary data: if the app is being reinstalled, it starts fresh. But it already knows its subscriptions.