How do I allow on certain apps to use my hotspot?

I use OmniFocus on my Mac at work. We do not have wifi for me to use. I have a few siri shortcuts I use on my phone to create task or projects to send to OmniFocus. Often I use a hotspot to quickly sync those to the Mac. My problem is my computer thinks I am at home and all my applications start syncing creating a data shortgage if I am not careful.

Is there a way to set up an app such as Omnifocus to only sync on certain wifi networks? Or another way to think, is there a way to disable syncing for select applications unless I am on my home wifi?


TripMode does exactly what you’re looking for.

You can set it up so that OmniFocus is the only program that can access the internet when you’re connected to the hotspot.


This is perfect. Thank you!

FYI, Tripmode is included in Setapp if folks are interested in checking it out and have a subscription.

Another way I have heard of people limiting apps using data is with a custom Little Snitch profile. This would likely be a (much) more advanced undertaking than using Tripmode but I wanted to mention the option.


Another user of TripNode here - I love it. I find it less complicated that LIttle Switch and easy to toggle access on and off for ‘emergency’ uploads and syncing.