How do I allows MS Edge to download zip files?

I’m using ms Edge on my mac and quite like it. However, it won’t download zip files.

Any idea which setting changes that?

I just downloaded with Edge so it is likely a setting. Is ‘Block potentially unwanted apps’ in your Security settings on? ‘Defender Smartscreen’?

One website suggested: If you can’t download files while using Edge, you should look at the download location. Maybe your computer, or the download path became unavailable. In this case, changing the download location should fix the problem.

If nothing else works I would try ‘Settings/Reset Settings’ and set up Edge again.

Good luck.

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Thank you. It seems it’s not zips in general, but one from a http rather than https site.

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Check the Downloads button in the toolbar when that happens. Sometimes when Edge thinks the download may not be safe (as from a http site for example), it will require you to confirm (twice) that you want to keep the downloaded file. Otherwise it just looks as if it did not download anything.

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