How do I change the location where Shortcut saves the file

How do I Change the default location where shortcuts saves the file.

Unfortunately, Siri Shortcuts is limited to saving files in just the /Shortcuts directory of iCloud Drive. Vitticci describes this in his iOS 12 review:

No access to the entire iCloud Drive filesystem. The new Shortcuts app leverages a handful of private entitlements that third-party apps can’t use. Surprisingly, giving users the ability to read any file from their iCloud Drive or save items to any iCloud folder isn’t one of them. If you don’t want to use the manual document picker or Dropbox, Shortcuts is still limited to reading files from and saving them to the sandboxed /Shortcuts/ folder in iCloud Drive.

I ran into this limitation myself a few weeks back. I was having trouble with Dropbox (which has no limitations in SIri Shortcuts), so decided to go ahead and save to the /Shortcuts directory and use Hazel rules to file where I wanted them to go.

Hoping this is opened up in future versions of the app…

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Thanks, so I am not crazy after all.

The lack of a good finder on the iPad is what keeps me from even trying to switch to the iPad to manage documents.

I find it unbelievable that when you save a PDF version of a webpage you’re not allowed to rename it as you save it.

Every othe OS that I have ever used allowed you to name the file you are saving.