How do I create short cut to speak text per Mac Observer?

According to the article, the author created a Shortcut “Hey Siri. Read this,” to run the Shortcut that instructs Siri to read text on the screen aloud.” I’ve tried to replicate this but can’t figure it out. I constantly have text read back to me as a proof reading process. A short cut by Siri would save me selecting text on the iPad. Any help will be appreciated.

Found something that might be better.
In Accessibility, you can turn on Speak Selection and/or Speak Screen. It’s pretty cool, just swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers, and the screen is read to you.

Speaking selected text is equally easy. Select, tap Speak.

@JohnAtl thanks for taking time to respond. The method you outlined is my current practice and it works well. The ability to tell Siri to read the text would save a few steps. :-). Thanks again.