How do I ring my Apple Home Pod

Despite working from home, my wife often doesn’t have her iPhone with her.

There are times that I need to get a hold of her and she’s walked out of the room where she left her iPhone.

How can I let her know that I’m trying to get a hold of her?

I was hoping there was someway that I could trigger the HomePod to make a sound. Maybe like a old time phone ringing🤪

Alexa? I have some Echo Dots.

She won’t wear the Apple Watch🥺

use the intercom feature that’s built into the homepods


Does that work when you are not on the same network?

How do I get to my Home Pod, do I need poke a hole the firewall?

Yes, you can do it from anywhere even on cellular

From the home app tap on this icon.


I tested it on the same network. Will try It again when I’m out and about.