How do I save an image via share sheet from safari directly to files?

Hello all, while doing some reading and taking noteson my iPad, there are some images I’d like to save to my attachments directory in Obsidian’s iCloud folder. In the example below, I found an image on “head impulse test” using SAFARI, hit the share button and “Save to Files” doesn’t appear.

On the other hand, if I take a SCREENSHOT of the same image, I do have the “Save to Files” option in the share sheet.

Both are images yet they don’t have the same options. It could be that the app has to implement the API to save to files via share sheet, but you’d think an Apple made app would have that. And I kinda remember it used to have that. Is there a way around this? (Well, other than taking a screenshot) :wink:


I had a quick experiment with an iPhone (I don’t have an iPad but…) in your first screen shot at the top of the menu in blue there’s “options”, access this and (if it’s like the iPhone version…) you should have options for “automatic”, “PDF” or “Web Archive”, if you change it to PDF then the share sheet should then have an option for save to files… if saving as a PDF rather than an image file is acceptable?

In your example I think the share button is sharing the web page rather than the specific image, you could try long pressing the image to get different options. I have noticed this doesn’t seem consistent though. Searching for your example I couldn’t get the Save to Files option. Googling “kittens” (usually a safe option when experimenting!! plus… kittens! :wink: ) and trying random images, it seemed the Jpegs didn’t allow “save to files” but pngs did - why there’s a difference, I’ve no idea.


Did you try the “Edit actions” option t the bottom of the share list? On mine I have the biliary to turn “Save to files” on or off.

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Thanks @glenthompson, I did try the edit actions with no luck. I think @stu_w nailed it. It was trying to save a webpage rather than a PDF or image. I’ll try your experiment with “puppies,” just so we can generalize. :wink:

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You can drag the image into the Files app, just like what you did in macOS. On the iPad, just split the screen for the two apps you’d like to drag the image from one to the other.

However, because there’s no way of display two windows on the iPhone (or in some cases where the app doesn’t spport split screen), you may have to use two hands, one of which is used to tap and hold the picture in the web page, and the other one, to use certain gesture to switch to the Files app. And you need to firstly go to the desire folder in the File app before doing the task.


Thanks, @xell. Ultimately I ended up writing a shortcut that worked and the trick was I had to drill down to wherever only the picture was showing in Safari. Then it was recognized as an image. Thanks all!!!

I struggled with adding stuff to Photos for awhile, years even but Sharebot helped a lot and is prob. my most used app.