How do I scan to a network share and access the file without having to mess with permissions every time?

My network-connected scanner has a “Scan to destination” function that can scan to a network, (SMB), share. I thought this would be handy for scanning documents without opening up Image Capture, so I set it up to scan to ~/Public/ScanDropBox on my Mac. I created a “sharing only” user for the printer to use to log in to the network share and save the PDF. It took a while to get working, but now it works.

BUT the resulting file is owned by the printer’s user, so I have to Right-Click > Get Info > Authenticate > Update Permissions if I want to be able to use the file. This is not easier than opening up Image Capture.

Does anyone have ideas on how I could let the files be readable by me without handing my main password over to the printer so it can log in as me?

If it helps, the scanner is a Canon MF634Cdw multifunction.

Ideally you should scan it to a server or NAS.

Many routers offer file sharing via a usb port you could utilizing this by plugging in a usb flash drive and share this over the network.

That would probably solve the permissions issue, but I trust that my mac, (or a mac that’s set up similar to what I have now), will exist in my IT environment for longer. Also, my router is on top of a box of toques.

I came up with something using a folder action and allowing a user to sudo without a password, (risky, I know), but something shared might be a good idea.

OTOH, the devil’s advocate would say that the mac is perfectly capable of having shared folders, why add another device to the network?

By using your Mac you have to make sure its always on otherwise it cant be reached by the scanner or other users.
You can make the sharing easier by using the public folder in your user account.

Since you want to use dropbox check if the printer can connect directly to DropBox. I know that the Brother multi funktion color laser printers can.

Do you want the files to remain in ~/Public/ScanDrobBox? If not then just copying them to their final destination will change the ownership of the copies files to you.