How do I search to show a subset of notes and then assign a tag to all of them

I would like to start using the new tags feature in Apple notes. I did a search to find the notes that I wanted to tag but I do not see any way to select all of them and then assign a tag.

I tried pressing on one note and then moving it slightly as you do with Files but then tapping on the other notes did not collect them with the one that I had selected and dragged slightly.

While researching this I did run across the two finger tap trick to select multiple notes quickly but does not seem to work on notes that show up in a search.

Anyone have any workaround that would allow you to search for notes and then tag all of resulting notes found.

Here is the two finger trick

I’ve just tried this method on my iPad and it works a treat.

I just tried it on my iPhone and your first approach worked for me:

  1. Perform a search
  2. Select first note and drag it slightly until it becomes smaller (like a preview)
  3. While holding the first selection/note select additional notes
  4. Keep holding, hit „abbrechen“ (don’t know the exact English word?) to cancel the search
  5. carefully hover your selected notes onto a tag you want to apply to all those notes until it signals as active and let go
  6. All notes now have a #tag attached

Will give it a try

Just an fyi, I googled translate abbrechen into English.

People also ask

What does abbrechen means in English?

Cancel, the ~ Noun. ‐ A button that stops the task in progress and returns to the previous state.

[image] › Abbrechen

What method?

Once I did the search then the 2 finger trick did not work.

For me the two finger swipe method to select multiple entries didn’t work for me either, but selecting the first one and while holding that selecting more notes one by one worked for me.

And thanks for the English explanation for cancel … I realized I wasn’t clear on my wording in that post as I meant I just didn’t know what the English UI of iOS puts there when my German system says „abbrechen“ :sweat_smile: