How do I set the default Contacts Application?

I ran into a problem today on my Macbook where when I go to System Preferences->Users and Groups , then select my user account and then click “Contacts Card->Open” it opens a 3rd party contacts manager application called “Contacts+”.

What I want it to do is open the built-in Apple Contacts application. I have searched the web, searched System Preferences , and also Contacts Preferences and Internet account settings, but haven’t found an answer.

I occasionally use Contacts+, but I don’t want it to be the default application. The default application will probably switch to Apple Contacts is I delete the 3rd party application , but I’d rather keep it for when I need it.

Ideas? Suggestions?

Delete Contacts+ and only reinstall it when you need it?

Some apps misbehave (in my opinion) when they appoint themselves as the default app without asking.

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That’s what I did for the short term, which worked. But it would be nice to now how to get the apps to coexist in the future.

Try this.

Open Contacts. Select and drag any contact to the Desktop, just to get a .vcf file into Finder. Select that file. Open Finder’s Get Info panel. Change “Open with” in that panel, and select “Change all”.

Screenshot of Finder (7-31-20, 7-42-26 PM)