How do I stop Siri from giving me military time?

I recently asked Siri on my HomePod for the time for an event. It gave me a time of 20:00 rather than 8 o’clock. Is there a way to change the default so it always gives the time in “standard” time?

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If you go into the and then into the HomePod settings, I don’t see anything specific for the time format, but I wonder if it is connected to the “Language” selection? Are you using “English (United States)” as your language?

A quick google seems to show others are experiencing this same bug, especially with sunrise/sunset times, which is particularly odd, because if I ask you what time sunset is and you say “6:15” I don’t need you to tell me that’s “p.m.” because it’s sunset and that’s how days work.

As a British person living in Australia, I find it incredibly disorientating that everyone here uses the 12 hour clock rather than the 24 hour one I’ve become accustomed to. First thing I do when I set my region as English (Australia) is change the clock to 24 hours!

Appreciate it might be annoying with Siri though.

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I grew up in the US Air Force so I can DO military time but because none of my US devices or meetings are ever in 24 hour time I don’t want to mentally subtract 12 after noon every time Siri gives me the time. :-).

I’m getting this when I ask what time a sports game is. But I can ask what time it is and the HomePod answers appropriately. I believe it is a bug that occurs when upgrading the iPhone to iOS 14. Is there not a HomePod 14 update yet?

That’s when I got it. No HomePod update yet.