How do I tell Siri how to “Remember” something

I’d like to use Siri to remember things rather than setup tasks in reminders.

Saying “remember kfc has 14 secret herbs and spices” is different to “remember to put the bins out on Friday”.

Any hints?

(And happy new year!)

You can dictate a new note by activating Siri and saying:

NOTE kfc has 14 secret herbs and spices

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Are you asking Siri to remember something, are you saving a record for you to recall later, or are you assigning yourself a task.

  • Siri doesn’t remember things
  • Your Notes app (or somewhere else) is where you store your records, you’ll need to tell Siri where as you narrate the record
  • Reminders (or other app) saves your actions.

In all cases, you need to tell Siri where to save these things, this is easier with built in functions (Reminders, Apple Notes)


@WayneG’s on the right track – just tell Siri “NOTE …”

If you want to do a lot of this, or want to make sure Siri understood, on macOS enable “Type to Siri” in System Preferences > Accessibility > Siri. I have the FN+Space hot key defined in System Preferences > Siri. This and the Type to Siri setting invokes a text box that I can use to type the note to send to Notes – a sample (typed) dialog:

Siri’s a bit slow on the uptake and (AFAIK) you cannot add to the body of a note, but this method is OK for quickly capturing the header of a note in Notes and then edit it later.

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