How do I turn off this notification?

I think I saw this someplace on the forum but I cannot find it. I continuously receive this type of notification. I have selected “always allow” multiple times but this notification continues to show up . I’ve gone into my notification settings and I’ve gone into my privacy settings but I can’t find specifically where to turn this type of notification off. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Same issue for me. I have selected “always allow” with several apps. But it still comes.

I am pretty sure it can’t be disabled. It’s not bugging you about the same app over and over, right?

Yes, this tends to come most of the time from The Weather app. because I have severe weather alerts set. I haven’t tracked the frequency but I’d guess once a week or so.

It’s a new feature in OS 13 that can’t be turned off.

Thanks everyone. I thought perhaps I was missing something. I hope in future updates Apple will enable the user to turn such notifications off on an app by app. basis.

More likely they’ll fix the bug that causes it to ask after you’ve already answered it once.


Choosing the “only when used” selection stopped it for my weather app. I haven’t noticed any change in the app’s functionality. I still get accurate weather all day on my watch complication.

I’ve not had this issue after selecting “always” for any of my apps.
Seems like an ios13 bug for the bugs list.
Did you report it?

It’s a feature, not a bug. Go to settings > privacy > location services and open each app and set the preferences to never or while using the app. (If you set to ask next time… it’ll ask each time.)

It’s a price to be paid for privacy (and alerting an otherwise-unknowing public about this type of background pinging/surveillance).

I turn off weather notifications and merely have my weather apps default to a set zipcode. I check the weather more than once a day so, at least where I live, I don’t need to be alerted about sudden, dramatic weather changes.

Good overview at AppleToolBox:

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My concern though is whether or not one can receive weather alerts without bringing up the app. I like to receive push notifications on alerts that I have selected in the app.

No, I have not reported it. I probably should but I am assuming that this bug has been reported by others, probably more than once. :slight_smile: