How do Ulysses syncing conflicts happen?

I get how syncing conflicts happen in other cloud-based apps (2 people working on the same doc or leaving a doc open that you later save on another computer), but I don’t understand how Ulysses conflicts happen. For example, I was working from my iPad earlier today and suddenly I get a notice of a conflict with 3 different versions of a file I was working on in Ulysses. I hadn’t touched my mac for maybe 3 hours and it happened after 30 minutes of working on a document on the iPad. One of the versions from that very same iPad (???).

Can someone shed some light on this? Not understanding how the conflicts happen makes me a little nervous. I’d like to see if there’s anything I can do in my own behavior to reduce the conflicts. I’m using iCloud to sync.

How often do you get them? I work on two iOS devices and a Mac regularly with Ulysses open 90% of the time when I’m on the Mac, I’d guess, and I get a conflict maybe 1x month.

My hunch would be that it’s a network connectivity issue that’s only becoming noticeable in Ulysses.

Are you getting conflicts in older sheets or is it only the most recent ones? I have only ever seen with the newest and they have been easily resolved.

I think you may be right about the network connectivity issue causing the problem. I hav ea feeling my work network goes down every now and then and this may cause issues after it reconnects. I never experience this while at work.

I contacted Ulysses and they said sometimes people who transfer their OS from a previous machine have issues or restore from a backup. They sent me a tool that looked through all my notes and resolved all conflicts. Pretty neat!