How do you add #Tag to Apple Notes with Shortcuts?

I have an automate shortcut (using shortcuts - all platforms) that creates a note titled “daily note” with the current date.
I want to add a tag as well but can’t figure out how to get the tag to activate! It appears with the # but requires me to activate it manually. I can’t believe something to simple (I hope) is so difficult!
Can somebody reveal this secret incantation?

Thank you!

It’s a separate action.

First use Create Note to create the note.
Then use the Add Tags to Notes action to attach one or more tags to the note

Thanks for the reply. I’ve used that but it doesn’t work. What am I doing something wrong?

This seems to work. Go figure

Create Tag simply creates a tag for future use but doesn’t actually assign it to any note. That’s why it didn’t work for you. Add Tag actually assigns an existing tag to a note.