How do you automatically backup iPhone to Synology NAS

Hi all

Brand new here… for some reason I have only just found this podcast… I wish I was a power user but have recently got the taste for becoming one. I really want to become a Mac nerd! I have started through a few of David’s field guides… I AM HOOKED!!

I was hoping someone could help me… whats the best way to automatically back up iPhones to our Synology app. Yes I do pay for iCloud storage but why wife doesnt.

Many thanks in advance

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Boy howdy, did you come to the right place. We’ll have you saying “Well, actually . . . “ in no time. (Inside joke, you’ll understand later)

Can’t help you with your backup question, but we’re hip deep in Synology fans and I’m sure one of them will respond shortly.


I’m not sure there is a way to backup an iPhone to a Synology directly.

The only app that I’ve used recently that might fit the bill would be iMazing – but it needs to run on a Mac, although the backed-up-files themselves could reside on a Synology (which I realize is not exactly what you were asking for).

One of the best features about it is that it will sync your iPad or iPhone/iPod touch wirelessly (after the initial setup).

I use that plus iCloud backup for our devices. Belt and suspenders.

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What TJ said. However with the Synology
iOS DS File app, you can go into Settings
and turn on Photo Backup.
This will copy all iPhone photos to your NAS.

(To be honest, that is about the only thing
I care about on my phone. Everything else
can be retrieved from App Store or iCloud)


Point to note about the DS Photo app, it doesn’t play nicely if iCloud Photos is also working - you may end up syncing the smaller, thumbnail versions rather than the full size images.

I used to use Photosync for many years to copy photos to my Synology, but in the end, I’m stumping up the £2.50 a month for the 200GB family plan, so my wife’s data can be backed up and synced between her iPad and iPhone, as she was never as diligent as me in making sure things were working!

I’d echo @tjluoma’s suggestion of iMazing. All iPhones in our household get an automatic backup every night. And the nice thing is: you can actually get at your backup’s content via the app.

That does sound awesome!!

I suppose you could find where your iPhone backup is located on your computer and upload the folder to your nas

synology drive would accomplish this easily.
That’s how I got ridof Dropbox :slight_smile:


LOL… Good one, @WayneG

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