How do you download the MP3 Files for Relay FM

Sp in an attempt to get my Focused I am in the process of cutting my phone out of my Every Day Carry. I recently purchased a Sony Walkman MP3 Player which does not have a Podcast App it only supports the MP3 Files. Most Podcatchers don’t give you ready to the MP3 files anymore and when I tried to hit the Download button on the website it gives me a separate webpage with a Play bar and does not actually download the file. Am I missing something? Long Story Short I just want to be able to download the MP3 files directly so that I can use my phone less. Anyone else face this issue? Is there a Podcast App that gives you ready access to MP3s like the iTunes of old?

Right-cilck on the MP3 download link and click Save As to download the file.

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Thank you so much. I just assumed that when you click the link it would download and was always confused why that didnt work! Thanks! I am using an RSS reader to consolidate the links to be more intentional in my web usage so this is perfect.