How do you edit your personal photos?

I thought Photos lets you Reset to the original, untouched version. It does on iOS, and I’m away from my :desktop_computer: now so I can’t check there.

According to this article, editing in Apple Photos is non-destructive.


I sit corrected. I thought that once you selected save Photos applied the changes and that was it. OTOH later in that article there is a mention that only a single app or extensions changes are saved so there is still a destructive part of editing in Photos.

Yeah it’s a great article and points to some unexpectedly destructive scenarios I had not been aware of.

Nowadays there are quite a lot of non destructive editors other than Lightroom: ON1 Photo Raw, Exposure X4, Capture One
Don’t remember if Affinity Photo does it or not.
Anyway they usually tell you in the product page :smile:


Thanks, Oogie! I thought there were a lot more. As I am rather compulsive, I usually make duplicates.

Oops, I see otherwise!

I use ios.

If you have copies, is there any way you can determine which photo is the original? Does it even matter any more?

Have you seen the new iPhones? The cameras are astounding! Too bad I don’t have a thousand dollars to devote to one. I’m looking for a digital camera on eBay instead. Any recommendations? I want a telephoto or, better yet, a zoom.

Me too. Thanks for the very valuable tips Re raw.

I keep about five a year. About what I had pre computer era pretty much on average, sometimes friends turn up with a new one from some context. I know this will not be useful advice for anybody else :relaxed:

What do people use for selective editing with Apple Photos (on iOS or Mac) ? I’m finally giving up Aperture…

I mostly use the tools in iOS. Occasionally Photos on Mac (it has a repair tool).

I don’t think you need more than that for most personal photos.

In photos you can make a selection of photos you don’t like and hide them. No reason to delete them there, either.

Two others that are non-destructive are PixelmatorPhoto and Darkroom. I can use the share sheet in Photos on an iPad and send a photo to PixelmatorPhoto which is my current favorite for getting rid of the common green dot lens flares from an iPhone photo. There’s a handy “healing” tool for that. It’s also pretty great at all the other adjustments. Then when finished use the share button to “modify original in Photos” option. It will write the changes to Photos. If you decide to revert the photo you can do so in Photos by opening the photo for editing and choose revert. Same process for Darkroom.

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