How do you enter businesses into Apple Contacts?

I’m curious as to what the “best way” to enter businesses into the contacts app is. There are business where I just know the business details, and don’t know anything about the people who work there. Example: Walmart.

Here is what I do

  • I enter Business name [plus Street is there are several local branches] in Company field.
  • I enter the Contact and Address info
  • In notes I enter their business hours so I know when they are open.
  • also in notes I enter useful information or nuances unique to the business. Like where to park , or where something is inside of the building.
  • I enter category tags such as #business, #groceries to make it easier to filter contacts when I search them.

What do other Mac power users do?

I search for them and then dial from the web page, unless it’s someone I’m going to call a lot.

That type of information (phone number, address) changes over time, so I don’t see the need to maintain my own record when I can get it online.

So why are you doing this? Is it to navigate to it with Siri or car play? Storing dynamic data such as store hours, etc in the notes field can lead to stall, out of-date information.

Typically, you only need to type a few keystrokes into Google to get this information.

Certainly, Google can’t help with the location of things within a building, but it’s so fast I’m not sure I see an advantage to having this sort of information in Notes.

Your point about locally-stored data going stale has a lot of merit but, at least with respect to business hours, I can attest that Google is not always right.


Major gear, I just add any miscellaneous info, eg store hours, in Contacts under Notes. That way I don’t have to go looking for it. I often add the date too so that way I can ascertain just how old the info is. Nothing :earth_asia: earth shattering but it does work for me.

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That is pretty much what I do. It’s good to have the data locally because I often don’t have an Internet connection when I’m planning my trip out. Having it locally means I don’t have to relocate to where I have a connection to do my planning.

I don’t do this, but if I did, I’d enter the URL to the business’s website that contained the opening hours, rather than the current hours which won’t account for things like public holiday hours.

I have a coding background and it was drummed into me to avoid hard coding wherever possible.